Dance like a wasp

Credit Spike Walker, Wellcome Images

So here I am: at a “Science blogging” course, writing my FIRST blog!!! WOW!!

But let’s keep it real, and colorful. Like this wasp.

One of the winning pictures at the Wellcome Image Awards 2011, it shows us how even the least cute bugs (anyone liking its sting and the anxiety of bites it brings with itself please raise your hands!) can be beautiful and artistic, under the right light. And we don’t even need to go too far: these wasps live just next to us, as reported by the BBC news.
Not sure how happy the discoverer of this creepy crawler was on that sunny day though….

I think I am liking this… shall I take the advantage to invite you all to the First Postgraduate RAG Ball on Thursday night?! oops I think I already did!!

See you on the dance floor, and maybe we can discuss a bit more about this cute picture of the irridesent colors of the Ruby-tailed wasp!!

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