Inspiring image of gene expression in seedling

Gene expression in a thale seedling Fernan Federici & Jim Haseloff, Wellcome Images

The welcome collection has recently announced the winners of 11th Welcome Image Awards, which recognises the most remarkable and technical images produced.  One of those award winning images strikingly shows cell division and gene expression in the stem of a thale cress seedling.  The image displays a micrograph of fluorescent proteins which are produced in the plant when gene expression is occurring. I was struck by how un-natural the image looked.  This helps to create a real sense of wonder and intrigue into the workings of a natural process.  Images like this play a really important role in grabbing public attention and I am sure the image will inspire further interest and work into the essential study of gene expression and plant biology.


About Alexandra Collins

I am a young researcher working at the Centre for Environmental Policy, Imperial College London. My current work is on the sustainable management of aquatic resources and ecosystems. I have a deep interest in this and a wide range of other environmental issues. I enjoy keeping up to date with environmental news, volunteering for a number of charities, swimming and making the most of life in London!
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