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Obstacle race

This image depicts an obstacle race of sorts: it shows a number of cells trying to move along micron-scale channels to test their response to their chemical environment. When living cells sense a concentration gradient of some chemical they’re interested … Continue reading

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Random assignment of a picture…

…And I thought I was lucky enough to get the picture of a brain (I think brains are VERY interesting). Glasses on and looking more closely I find that is a Chicken embryo vascular system. Still looks kind of brainish … Continue reading

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Arabidopsis thaliana seedling – but what is it?

Fernan Federici & Jim Haseloff, Wellcome images This amazing image is a described as a “confocal micrograph shows the tissue structures within the leaf of an Arabidopsis thaliana seedling”. However, I have no idea what that is but a quick … Continue reading

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It came from the planet Psychodidae…

…or at least if we lived in the world of B movies, you could expect to meet him looming out of the gloom, but luckily for us, he’s actually way too small to be anything other than a mild nuisance. … Continue reading

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Caffeine crystals….

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Caffeine crystals ANNIE CAVANAGH AND DAVID MCCARTHY This false-coloured scanning electron micrograph shows caffeine crystals. Caffeine is a bitter, crystalline xanthine alkaloid that acts as a stimulant drug. In plants, caffeine functions as a defence mechanism. Found in varying quantities … Continue reading

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Cell division – Welcome Images Award 3/16

This composite confocal micrograph uses time-lapse microscopy to show a cancer cell (HeLa) undergoing cell division (mitosis). The DNA is shown in red, and the cell membrane is shown in cyan. The round cell in the centre has a diameter … Continue reading

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