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The idea of climbing up walls or walking on the ceiling may conjure up images of “Spider-Man“, a well known fellow invented by popular-culture. Although this species has not been disvovered yet in real life, there are in fact creatures … Continue reading

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Why graduate students should blog

Here are some links pertaining to blogging as a scientist and as a graduate student Ten Reasons why Graduate Students Should Blog – Drew Conway at Zero Intelligence Agents Science Blogs and Caveat Emptor – Royce Murray in Analytical Chemistry … Continue reading

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Blogging connections

The above image was created using computer software. The TREES toolbox is a Matlab toolbox that allows the user to generate neuronal structures that cannot be distinguished from those found in a real brain. Just as these computer-generated images cannot … Continue reading

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Welcome to the website of the Science Blogging Workshop run on behalf of theĀ Imperial College London Graduate Schools’ Transferable Skills Training Programme. You can read about the speakers at this workshop here and you can find all their blogs at … Continue reading

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