Flash-blogging exercise

Whether or not you have blogged before, this exercise will introduce you to composing and publishing an engaging and informative blog post rapidly. It will illustrate how blogging allows you to link concepts together and will require you to use both your background knowledge and your research skills.


You have seen the winning photographs from the Wellcome Image Awards and you feel inspired!

You have been assigned an image to use as inspiration for a blog post. Write a (brief!) blog post including your image and anything else you choose. This could be text, audio, video, links, science, fiction, or any combination of these and more. Be creative!

Publish your blog post on this website. In order to do that you will need to log in to this site:

To add a new post:

Edit your post here:

Downloading your image

Make a note of your image number (between 1 and 16) and find your image in the Wellcome Image Awards gallery.

Click on See and download this image from Wellcome Images (below the text to the right of the image):

On the Wellcome Images page, follow the Download instructions above the image to save it on your computer:

To include the image in your blog post, click the Upload/Insert Photo icon and browse for the file on your computer:

Remember to credit the image appropriately. The images must be credited as the name(s) of the creator(s) and Wellcome Images.

For an example, see my blog post Blogging Connections. This post uses a picture from the 2011 awards, Pyramidal neurons by Michael Hausser and Hermann Cuntz, which I have credited as Michael Hausser and Hermann Cuntz/Wellcome Images.


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